Today in the city Ward 20.11.2018
Kim Kardashian apologized for using the 'r word' after an immediate backlash: 'Please know that my intention is always pure'

Kim Kardashian West used the "r word" in a recent video on her Instagram story, which she quickly deleted. According to TMZ, she used the word to describe guests who couldn't recognize her Halloween c...

'Broad City' star Ilana Glazer's political event canceled after vandals write 'kill all Jews' inside synagogue

A political event hosted by the "Broad City" star was canceled after vandals wrote ‘kill all Jews’ inside the Brooklyn synagogue

Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide To Creating Customers With Word Of Mouth

In a world where most of a company’s marketing and customer experience budget goes to new technology and flashy ads, it’s time to get back to the basics of word of mouth. What can your brand do differ...

Tim Cook is worth $625 million and leads a $1 trillion company — but he reportedly buys discounted underwear and wants to give his money away after paying for his nephew's tuition

Apple CEO Tim Cook's net worth is estimated to be $625.37 million. That's mostly from Apple stock options. But the native Alabaman doesn't live very lavishly.  Apple CEO Tim Cook, 58, leads the...

Video shows a man repeatedly shouting the N-word at an employee inside a Dunkin'-Baskin Robbins store in Florida

Video shows a man launching into a racist tirade at a Dunkin’-Baskin Robbins store in Miami Beach, Florida. The man can be seen and heard repeatedly shouting the N-word at an employee there. It...

Louis Cha, Who Wrote Beloved Chinese Martial Arts Novels As Jin Yong, Dies

He's been called China's Tolkien, its Martin, its Rowling — all in one. With his adventure stories rooted in ancient China, Louis Cha gave life to decades' worth of martial arts films.

Elon Musk's Twitter Account Is Tesla's $40 Millon Marketing Platform. 'Worth It'

Elon Musk recently declared that a tweet which cost him and Tesla $20 million in fines — each — was, in hindsight, "worth it." This week, he told Twitter he deleted his Tesla job titles, and we're wo...

Elon Musk buys $10 million worth of Tesla stock (TSLA)

Elon Musk has purchased $10 million worth of Tesla stock just over a week after the company said he intended to buy $20 million.  The CEO now owns 19.8% of the company's equity, making him the la...

Three Pillars Of Creating More Word Of Mouth For Your Brand

Word-of-mouth advertising resonates further with consumers more than any TV commercial, radio spot or print advertisement.

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